Understanding the concept of reality

 Understand the notion of reality is very-very important nowadays. Usually what happens is people make perception about some situation related to them and others also they make perception about some situation related to them and others. Also, they make perception about other people without knowing them properly and obviously they came to a conclusion and assume it as a reality which is not real..

Basically, reality has a large and broad spectrum. Reality just not only talks about the clear picture of you and the situation related to you. As well, it also talks about the clear picture and the situation related to others. It will also relate to your future thought, goals and position.

 In the same way, it is also related to other people near you and in the world. Understanding the concept of reality require consciousness and awareness of your mind aided with deep thoughts in your mind such that you can create a state and understanding about the real world and the people in the way they exist. Keeping in mind that there is no idealist or notional idea behind it.

Let us take an example of the health of a person to explain the concept of reality. Suppose a person is suffering from a critical health problem say sciatic nerve pain. And the person is not able to walk, sit, etc. and end up in severe pain whatever he does.

 You can address this situation in two way. One of the ways is not to admit it properly, and keep on doing activities like jumping, running, etc. This will exaggerate your pain and rest you in more trouble.

The other way may include the awareness and consciousness towards sciatic nerve pain and this will allow admitting the problem at an early stage and will help to better treat the problem in a more accurate and efficient way.

  The second way will be more effective. I am not saying that the person should be worried and horrified by the situation and sit quietly and looking towards self-healing of such pain. Although with calm and patience, he should treat himself with awareness and happiness. This can be done by admitting such pain and creating a belief that this is reducing every day.

  Let us take another example to make the concept of reality clearer to you. Let us assume, you got a new neighbour in your locality. You went to his house to meet him. He behaved in a weird manner angrily and you did not figure out the reason behind that. You came out from his home and assume that your neighbour is weird and arrogant. You did not try the second time and created a notion about him. You do not know whether your decision is correct or not and you started believing it for days and seems to be the reality to you.

 After some days, your neighbour came to you and invited you for dinner. You thought that he/she is weird and you immediately thought that you will not go. Later, you have given a second thought and decided to go to your neighbour house. You fearfully went and spoke to your neighbour and enjoyed a lot. Interesting all things went well and later both became good friends. Now see, if you have not given the second thought and live with the reality (you created for him/her as weird people). Then your notion was wrong for the whole life span.

“You are the only creator of your world, create it wisely or destroy it unknowingly”

This is how you assume fake things as real and real things as fake.

I urge you to be wise enough to understand the reality and decide what is real and what is not.

Once you figure out this, it will help you to create enormous amount of ideas and wire your world with joy and happiness.                                 

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So, when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!

~ Bob Marley

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