Thank you nature!

Thank is a big word if said truly and deeply from the heart or it makes no sense if said verbally. Saying thanks to our incredible, beautiful and amazing nature is really one of the ubiquitous things that we do not follow in our real life. Nature has given everything you wanted in past and present and will give you everything in future but you never ever find time to thank this nature. The act of gratitude toward nature will help to develop a feeling of love toward nature and will help you to better understand the beauty and incredibility of this wonderful nature.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

~Albert Einstein

Look deeper and deeper and you will notice what this nature has given you and you never ever had time to thank nature. You are born in this world as a creation of nature. You have grown up, again, with the incredible multiplication of cells and tissues and later with organs, nature had fed you in your past. But you never have a feeling of gratitude to nature. I know what you are filled with a hidden element. That is somewhere known as ego, arrogance that you thought that you originated in this word by their own and no other external force had acted on you. My dear friend, think about it again deeply, and I believe you will come to know the truth. This can be possible only if you keep your ego, arrogance and so-called your intelligence aside. I urge you to give a think deeply what I said above. Again, I am saying that just, believe me, it will reap you fruitful results in your present and as well as in your future.

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