Role of commitment in life

 Commitment is really a big word. Let us first understand the meaning and in-depth understanding of the word commitment. Making or doing commitment is good or bad is a second thought. Commitment is a word that defines your ability to take a promise, undertaking or responsibility towards certain people and work such that you never back off from such promises, undertaking and responsibilities once you made a call for that. You make a commitment in a relationship and then a healthy commitment is to live with that commitment and never ever leave you partner whatever the situation may be either good, bad or pathetic. You made a call and you have to stick to it till last breath.

We do commitment to our work. We commit to complete our schedule task in time that means we have to finish the committed task on or before time. That where the condition made by commitment get fulfilled.

There is a subtle difference between doing commitment or being stubborn. Stubborn is a behaviour that reflects your dogged determination to complete a task you wish to do and never give up until it gets finished whereas committing to a relation or work means whether the work is hard or easy, we have to finish on or before the committed deadline.

Now, there comes a question for whether the commitment is good or bad. Commitment is always good, it never be bad until and unless you committed on the right job. If you make a commitment, it will boost your confidence, it will provide you with motivation and enthusiasm, it will make you more disciplined and well-mannered and more punctual.

You value your deadlines, you committed for your job. You will never cry for lack of time. As you finished each job on time, you have enough time for all other activities. This will boost or improve your management skills. People and your peers will start praising you. You will get more value in your office and in your surroundings. Sometimes, you will fail for some of the commitments but don’t be sad, you will notice that before you were far away from deadlines but now after committing to a work you are way closer to your deadline. Doing commitment in life is very good as long as you stick to your words.

“Productivity is never an accident. It always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligence, planning and focused effort”

~ Paul J. Meyer

You will achieve fame and success in your work, relationship, etc. once you start committing everything, commitment will bring in you  self-satisfaction and happiness over time.

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