Life at a glance

If you give a glance at your life, beginning from your birth to an adult, you will notice a great rhythm, the pattern in your life cycle. Depending upon your perception, it may be mesmerizing, exciting or sad or may have some weird moment that keep you haunting or become a nightmare for you. But if you will look the life of some other person who you believe as a role model for you and you will notice that his life was full of joy, excitement and you have never thought of the dark side of his life.

Now, let’s us think about the same situation by changing our thought process and again look back and observe your past life, you will notice that enough opportunities had come along the path in your life. And of course, if you had picked them correctly then you will be at a great position and height in present and believe me you will be the role model for several other people of your generation.

Really wonderful right! I am going to validate this by giving you a glance at a moment of my life. It was my early life when I went to give an entrance exam. I have been asked to write an essay on father. The funny thing happened was I spelt father as mother everywhere and the exam got over and the invigilator collected the answer books of every student. Now the time for correction of the answer books. The answer books were corrected and hopefully, they selected me. The teacher who checked my answer book told my father that he (I) spelt father as a mother. Then I spoke in the middle saying that it is correct, I knew it. The teacher said he is not eligible for the second class and can continue in first class. My father requested the teacher to admit me for second class. The teacher said that they need principal approval and we have to go to meet the principal. We along with the teacher went to the principal office. Now imagine what happened next. The same words were repeated by the principal that I can be admitted to the first class not second. My father requested them and promised them that he will work with me so that I can cope up in second class. As a token of sympathy, they admitted me in second class. Now see what happened next. I along with my father worked very hard and got the first rank in class (Amazing right). The principal himself came and awarded me the medal for securing first rank in the class.

Why I did tell my story to you because when I look back, I see the determination and dedication of both (me & my father) toward achieving the common goal. If my father has not given a try admitting me in second class, I was one year back & interestingly, the result was surprising.

This story will motivate you to make choice and to take steps which you are unsure of because sometimes you do not know your hidden potential and the outcome of your decisions. But after taking such decision and the results you got, you will feel proud of decision and moment. I will end this post with a beautiful thought.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

~Jack Ma

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