Energy as a limited source

A well known thermodynamic principle says that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, rather it can be transformed from one form to another. We know that we have a finite amount of energy in our body. The can be in confirmation that we can not work throughout the year without taking rest in intervals. As well, our full amount of energy for a day get exhausted till night. Yes, of course, we will get energy by consuming food we eat food and get energized. But do not argue that once, the energy got finished at night, take food and get energized. Of course, true you will get energy for some time. This can be done a couple of times but your body will feel restless after some time and require rest. The body can take rest by taking a deep sleep at night. You slept for the night and wake up in the morning with your body charged/energized to the extreme level. You cannot awake for days and days. I know, then you will go mad.

Let us explain with a beautiful example. I know everyone understands things when it comes to money. If someone asks some amount of money from you, then you will think a couple of times before deciding to give him and may, sometimes, you have not given him that amount of money if you believe him not worthy of it. Although you gave to those whom you believe and assume that you will get back the amount of money you had given to them. Why you are doing this. Because you have limited or finite source of money with you. Also, when you spend money you think a couple of times to invest on something and look for the returns and benefits you get from those. Am I right?

But you never ever thought when you put your energy on something or someone when you engage yourself with someone or something. Did you ever thought of returns when you spend your energy with people, who do not deserve your precious amount of energy. As well as you will not get back from such things and people. Rather you should have given that time and energy to someone who deserves it and worthy of it. You should invest in them and see how you get it back. I assure you, you will get it back with more energy. There are several people in your life who will do this for you. Such persons are those whom you care for, whom you want to see happy and smiling. For example, if you give your precious amount of energy to your spouse (who as long as deserve it) you will give more strength to your relationship and make it stronger. And also, if you will give your precious amount of energy to your parents, will bring a big smile on their face.

Spend you finite source of energy wisely and efficiently as well as in right direction.

By doing this you will get sufficient amount of your energy to be used for right kind of task which is important in your life.

Bring your awareness to keep track of the flow of your energy. Prepare a hierarchy of task to ensure that you are using/spending the right amount of energy on the right task of your life.

Down the line, you will notice a great change in your life

“Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow into happiest, strongest, wisest self.”

~Karen salmansohn

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