Concentration and willpower

The word concentration seems trivial to understand as you heard this word several times in your life. You heard this word from your teacher who asked you to concentrate on your subject when you were small. You heard this word from your parents asking you to concentrate on your work, job, studies etc. Also, you heard this word from your boss telling you to concentrate on the project you are dealing to improve the performance and productivity.

Why does everyone is telling you to concentrate on things? Because if you concentrate on things, that will boost up your performance and productivity. And if you improve your performance, then it is easy to attain your goals and achieve success and happiness in your life. Now there comes a question, you have noticed that everybody is telling you to concentrate but no one has ever told you how to concentrate. Even, no one has taught you the art of concentration. In today’s world, if you are not able to concentrate then you will not achieve anything but if you are able to concentrate on things you are doing, then you can achieve everything. You can learn concentration by simple activities you do in your day to day life

Let us start with a few examples. Start this activity with the one you love the most. It may be your spouse, parents or your best friend. What you have to do, is to engage yourself in listening from any one of them. You will see that you get distracted after a while. That is normal right now. Now, try to bring your attention back to the speaker. You will again get distracted. Again, bring your attention back to the speaker. Keep practising this, until you give your undivided attention to the speaker. After some days, you will notice a drastic change in your life which is nothing but you started giving your undivided attention to the speaker. This will improve your concentration and your relationship with the speaker. Now, what makes this happen better each time you tried to do this? Obviously, your will power is bringing back your concentration each time you got distracted. This will also help you to develop your will power, dedication and determination towards your work and you will achieve massive success. The other thing that will help to learn how to concentrate is to start your task/job and finish before you do another job/ task.

Let us take another example. Go to sleep at night exactly at the right time, whether you are sleepy or not. Try practising sleep, bring your undivided concentration and focus on how to get sleep. Have a nice sleep and wake up in the morning. Prepare your bed before you leave. Preparing your bed daily is a quite boring job. But do it regularly as you brush your teeth daily (kind of boring job for 10 minutes every day). I am telling you this as preparing the bed finishes your task of sleep. Now notice the difference, once you came back home from the office. You will love to see the prepared bed. Now observe the difference when you did not prepare your bed and entered the room after work, you felt lethargic. Right!

When you do your task with undivided concentration, will bring awareness and energy flows in the right direction and produces fruitful results.

Concentration in your work or towards your partner, parents and friend is a must require trait to be inculcated by each individual to create win-win situation and live a happy and prosperous life.

“The secret of concentration is the secret of self-discovery. You reach inside yourself to discover your personal resources and what it takes them to match them to the challenge”

~Arnold Palmer.

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