Being conditional or unconditional

You have heard several times, these two very sensitive words that have a direct impact on your life.

Conditional or unconditional are the two common words that people talk too much like conditional love, care etc and unconditional love, behaviour etc.

A question came in my mind, what do we know and understand about these two words? The meaning of these two words are quite known to everybody but they did not understand its meaning to the depth.

Let us start with the word conditional. The word conditional means that you put a constraint on everything and is very subjective. For example, if your colleague will greet you, then you will greet him.

There are two ways to see this, you believe that you are more superior to him or you have a feeling of arrogance or may be an ego is creating a wall between you and your colleague. The better way is to greet your colleague with a smile and I hope he will reflect back with a big smile, care and enthusiasm. This is, anyway, far better than your colleague, as you initiated first and this will bring you a sense of happiness. Conditional behaviour, love will limit your in-built ability/potential to perform your task with best efforts. This will fetch your natural behaviour. Conditional behaviour will restrict your happiness.

On the other hand, the word unconditional has a very simple meaning. Interestingly, whatever is not conditional is unconditional. Simple right. Okay, we will go more beyond this meaning, truly, whatever you do without limiting yourself by the stimulus from others is unconditional whether unconditional love or unconditional behaviour, care etc. There may be several thing that can be unconditional. Either it may be love, care or behaviour towards your partner, your parents or siblings, colleagues etc.

Unconditional behaviour makes you completely independent. You are not constraint by behaviours of others etc. You are free, whatever you want to do. With unconditional love or behaviour, you will explore more opportunities and avenues to get rewarded naturally. Your behaviour and attitude are not limited to anyone, you do what you want to do, you will give anyone anything, what you want to give and you will feel more joyful when you contribute to people or society and expect nothing in return. The whole concept of expectation that leads to unhappiness when expectation from someone broke into pieces and you will shattered and feel devastated.

There is no give and take relationship, it is just about giving, caring as much as you can. You will feel more elevated, happy and will feel the joy related to it. Unconditional behaviour act is something that does not care about what a person is getting from others as well as it is state of no expectation from other person. The person with unconditional behaviour will happily work and give everything he can and expect nothing in return.

You will get a sense of confidence and enthusiasm in your life. When you do things unconditionally. Being at the state of or doing things unconditionally will reduce your worries and problems. I want to make it clear how this is happening. Now, remember the last example, I have given you for greeting your colleague. Say if your colleague did not greet you, you too did not greet him, then for all the time in that day, a thought will haunt you, saying why he not greeted you. Is something wrong with me or with him? Is he okay or not interested in me? And so many other question will come to your mind.  

 So to end all such question, if you have initiated, then no question have bothered you. Right! Being at unconditional, you will reduce your stress level, tension and keep your mind and body healthy. I will end this post with a thought

 “The greatest gift that you can give to others is then gift of unconditional love and acceptance.”

 ~Brain Tracy

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