Concentration and willpower

The word concentration seems trivial to understand as you heard this word several times in your life. You heard this word from your teacher who asked you to concentrate on your subject when you were small. You heard this word from your parents asking you to concentrate on your work, job, studies etc. Also, you heard this word from your boss telling you to concentrate on the project you are dealing to improve the performance and productivity.

Why does everyone is telling you to concentrate on things? Because if you concentrate on things, that will boost up your performance and productivity. And if you improve your performance, then it is easy to attain your goals and achieve success and happiness in your life. Now there comes a question, you have noticed that everybody is telling you to concentrate but no one has ever told you how to concentrate. Even, no one has taught you the art of concentration. In today’s world, if you are not able to concentrate then you will not achieve anything but if you are able to concentrate on things you are doing, then you can achieve everything. You can learn concentration by simple activities you do in your day to day life

Let us start with a few examples. Start this activity with the one you love the most. It may be your spouse, parents or your best friend. What you have to do, is to engage yourself in listening from any one of them. You will see that you get distracted after a while. That is normal right now. Now, try to bring your attention back to the speaker. You will again get distracted. Again, bring your attention back to the speaker. Keep practising this, until you give your undivided attention to the speaker. After some days, you will notice a drastic change in your life which is nothing but you started giving your undivided attention to the speaker. This will improve your concentration and your relationship with the speaker. Now, what makes this happen better each time you tried to do this? Obviously, your will power is bringing back your concentration each time you got distracted. This will also help you to develop your will power, dedication and determination towards your work and you will achieve massive success. The other thing that will help to learn how to concentrate is to start your task/job and finish before you do another job/ task.

Let us take another example. Go to sleep at night exactly at the right time, whether you are sleepy or not. Try practising sleep, bring your undivided concentration and focus on how to get sleep. Have a nice sleep and wake up in the morning. Prepare your bed before you leave. Preparing your bed daily is a quite boring job. But do it regularly as you brush your teeth daily (kind of boring job for 10 minutes every day). I am telling you this as preparing the bed finishes your task of sleep. Now notice the difference, once you came back home from the office. You will love to see the prepared bed. Now observe the difference when you did not prepare your bed and entered the room after work, you felt lethargic. Right!

When you do your task with undivided concentration, will bring awareness and energy flows in the right direction and produces fruitful results.

Concentration in your work or towards your partner, parents and friend is a must require trait to be inculcated by each individual to create win-win situation and live a happy and prosperous life.

“The secret of concentration is the secret of self-discovery. You reach inside yourself to discover your personal resources and what it takes them to match them to the challenge”

~Arnold Palmer.

Does your behaviour matters?

Yes, really your behaviour matter in life. A person can be identified by his own behaviour towards others whether he is good or bad, humble, kind, arrogant etc. Behaviour or attitude is the key to identify things about a person. You can conclude a lot about him by his behaviour/attitude towards you and to the society.

 Let us explain this with an example. Suppose you went to a coffee shop. The coffee owner interacted with you harshly, arrogantly, etc. You had a very bad experience with him. But the coffee was amazingly tasteful. No matter how good the coffee, I hope you will never visit his shop again unless there is no monopoly.

Now let us assume in a different way, you went to a coffee shop and the owner interacted nicely and humbly (to the greatest extent possible). Even if the coffee is a little bad as compared to the weird/ arrogant coffee shop owner, you will visit his coffee shop daily.

The take away from this example is that the behaviour or attitude of the two-coffee shop has an impact on your life. In a similar manner, your behaviour or attitude matter for you as well as for those who care for you as well as for other people around you. You are the only creator, destroyer of your own life. You can have a positive or negative impact on the life of others. But this totally depends on you, how you are going to do this. A large group of people want to interact with you, want to be around you if only if you behave and treat them nicely and humbly or you will see no one around you if you interact them or treat them harshly, you will be left alone in this world and you will find no one around you when especially you need someone urgently.

I deeply urge you and suggest you, to be nice and gentle with others if you want people to be around you and they should extend their hand when you need them. This will help you to create a prosperous and happier life around you. This will not only make your life easier and happier, as well as it will also make the life of people around you easier, happier and full of joy.

“Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image”

 ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Energy as a limited source

A well known thermodynamic principle says that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, rather it can be transformed from one form to another. We know that we have a finite amount of energy in our body. The can be in confirmation that we can not work throughout the year without taking rest in intervals. As well, our full amount of energy for a day get exhausted till night. Yes, of course, we will get energy by consuming food we eat food and get energized. But do not argue that once, the energy got finished at night, take food and get energized. Of course, true you will get energy for some time. This can be done a couple of times but your body will feel restless after some time and require rest. The body can take rest by taking a deep sleep at night. You slept for the night and wake up in the morning with your body charged/energized to the extreme level. You cannot awake for days and days. I know, then you will go mad.

Let us explain with a beautiful example. I know everyone understands things when it comes to money. If someone asks some amount of money from you, then you will think a couple of times before deciding to give him and may, sometimes, you have not given him that amount of money if you believe him not worthy of it. Although you gave to those whom you believe and assume that you will get back the amount of money you had given to them. Why you are doing this. Because you have limited or finite source of money with you. Also, when you spend money you think a couple of times to invest on something and look for the returns and benefits you get from those. Am I right?

But you never ever thought when you put your energy on something or someone when you engage yourself with someone or something. Did you ever thought of returns when you spend your energy with people, who do not deserve your precious amount of energy. As well as you will not get back from such things and people. Rather you should have given that time and energy to someone who deserves it and worthy of it. You should invest in them and see how you get it back. I assure you, you will get it back with more energy. There are several people in your life who will do this for you. Such persons are those whom you care for, whom you want to see happy and smiling. For example, if you give your precious amount of energy to your spouse (who as long as deserve it) you will give more strength to your relationship and make it stronger. And also, if you will give your precious amount of energy to your parents, will bring a big smile on their face.

Spend you finite source of energy wisely and efficiently as well as in right direction.

By doing this you will get sufficient amount of your energy to be used for right kind of task which is important in your life.

Bring your awareness to keep track of the flow of your energy. Prepare a hierarchy of task to ensure that you are using/spending the right amount of energy on the right task of your life.

Down the line, you will notice a great change in your life

“Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow into happiest, strongest, wisest self.”

~Karen salmansohn

Role of commitment in life

 Commitment is really a big word. Let us first understand the meaning and in-depth understanding of the word commitment. Making or doing commitment is good or bad is a second thought. Commitment is a word that defines your ability to take a promise, undertaking or responsibility towards certain people and work such that you never back off from such promises, undertaking and responsibilities once you made a call for that. You make a commitment in a relationship and then a healthy commitment is to live with that commitment and never ever leave you partner whatever the situation may be either good, bad or pathetic. You made a call and you have to stick to it till last breath.

We do commitment to our work. We commit to complete our schedule task in time that means we have to finish the committed task on or before time. That where the condition made by commitment get fulfilled.

There is a subtle difference between doing commitment or being stubborn. Stubborn is a behaviour that reflects your dogged determination to complete a task you wish to do and never give up until it gets finished whereas committing to a relation or work means whether the work is hard or easy, we have to finish on or before the committed deadline.

Now, there comes a question for whether the commitment is good or bad. Commitment is always good, it never be bad until and unless you committed on the right job. If you make a commitment, it will boost your confidence, it will provide you with motivation and enthusiasm, it will make you more disciplined and well-mannered and more punctual.

You value your deadlines, you committed for your job. You will never cry for lack of time. As you finished each job on time, you have enough time for all other activities. This will boost or improve your management skills. People and your peers will start praising you. You will get more value in your office and in your surroundings. Sometimes, you will fail for some of the commitments but don’t be sad, you will notice that before you were far away from deadlines but now after committing to a work you are way closer to your deadline. Doing commitment in life is very good as long as you stick to your words.

“Productivity is never an accident. It always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligence, planning and focused effort”

~ Paul J. Meyer

You will achieve fame and success in your work, relationship, etc. once you start committing everything, commitment will bring in you  self-satisfaction and happiness over time.

Understanding the concept of reality

 Understand the notion of reality is very-very important nowadays. Usually what happens is people make perception about some situation related to them and others also they make perception about some situation related to them and others. Also, they make perception about other people without knowing them properly and obviously they came to a conclusion and assume it as a reality which is not real..

Basically, reality has a large and broad spectrum. Reality just not only talks about the clear picture of you and the situation related to you. As well, it also talks about the clear picture and the situation related to others. It will also relate to your future thought, goals and position.

 In the same way, it is also related to other people near you and in the world. Understanding the concept of reality require consciousness and awareness of your mind aided with deep thoughts in your mind such that you can create a state and understanding about the real world and the people in the way they exist. Keeping in mind that there is no idealist or notional idea behind it.

Let us take an example of the health of a person to explain the concept of reality. Suppose a person is suffering from a critical health problem say sciatic nerve pain. And the person is not able to walk, sit, etc. and end up in severe pain whatever he does.

 You can address this situation in two way. One of the ways is not to admit it properly, and keep on doing activities like jumping, running, etc. This will exaggerate your pain and rest you in more trouble.

The other way may include the awareness and consciousness towards sciatic nerve pain and this will allow admitting the problem at an early stage and will help to better treat the problem in a more accurate and efficient way.

  The second way will be more effective. I am not saying that the person should be worried and horrified by the situation and sit quietly and looking towards self-healing of such pain. Although with calm and patience, he should treat himself with awareness and happiness. This can be done by admitting such pain and creating a belief that this is reducing every day.

  Let us take another example to make the concept of reality clearer to you. Let us assume, you got a new neighbour in your locality. You went to his house to meet him. He behaved in a weird manner angrily and you did not figure out the reason behind that. You came out from his home and assume that your neighbour is weird and arrogant. You did not try the second time and created a notion about him. You do not know whether your decision is correct or not and you started believing it for days and seems to be the reality to you.

 After some days, your neighbour came to you and invited you for dinner. You thought that he/she is weird and you immediately thought that you will not go. Later, you have given a second thought and decided to go to your neighbour house. You fearfully went and spoke to your neighbour and enjoyed a lot. Interesting all things went well and later both became good friends. Now see, if you have not given the second thought and live with the reality (you created for him/her as weird people). Then your notion was wrong for the whole life span.

“You are the only creator of your world, create it wisely or destroy it unknowingly”

This is how you assume fake things as real and real things as fake.

I urge you to be wise enough to understand the reality and decide what is real and what is not.

Once you figure out this, it will help you to create enormous amount of ideas and wire your world with joy and happiness.                                 

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So, when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!

~ Bob Marley

Being conditional or unconditional

You have heard several times, these two very sensitive words that have a direct impact on your life.

Conditional or unconditional are the two common words that people talk too much like conditional love, care etc and unconditional love, behaviour etc.

A question came in my mind, what do we know and understand about these two words? The meaning of these two words are quite known to everybody but they did not understand its meaning to the depth.

Let us start with the word conditional. The word conditional means that you put a constraint on everything and is very subjective. For example, if your colleague will greet you, then you will greet him.

There are two ways to see this, you believe that you are more superior to him or you have a feeling of arrogance or may be an ego is creating a wall between you and your colleague. The better way is to greet your colleague with a smile and I hope he will reflect back with a big smile, care and enthusiasm. This is, anyway, far better than your colleague, as you initiated first and this will bring you a sense of happiness. Conditional behaviour, love will limit your in-built ability/potential to perform your task with best efforts. This will fetch your natural behaviour. Conditional behaviour will restrict your happiness.

On the other hand, the word unconditional has a very simple meaning. Interestingly, whatever is not conditional is unconditional. Simple right. Okay, we will go more beyond this meaning, truly, whatever you do without limiting yourself by the stimulus from others is unconditional whether unconditional love or unconditional behaviour, care etc. There may be several thing that can be unconditional. Either it may be love, care or behaviour towards your partner, your parents or siblings, colleagues etc.

Unconditional behaviour makes you completely independent. You are not constraint by behaviours of others etc. You are free, whatever you want to do. With unconditional love or behaviour, you will explore more opportunities and avenues to get rewarded naturally. Your behaviour and attitude are not limited to anyone, you do what you want to do, you will give anyone anything, what you want to give and you will feel more joyful when you contribute to people or society and expect nothing in return. The whole concept of expectation that leads to unhappiness when expectation from someone broke into pieces and you will shattered and feel devastated.

There is no give and take relationship, it is just about giving, caring as much as you can. You will feel more elevated, happy and will feel the joy related to it. Unconditional behaviour act is something that does not care about what a person is getting from others as well as it is state of no expectation from other person. The person with unconditional behaviour will happily work and give everything he can and expect nothing in return.

You will get a sense of confidence and enthusiasm in your life. When you do things unconditionally. Being at the state of or doing things unconditionally will reduce your worries and problems. I want to make it clear how this is happening. Now, remember the last example, I have given you for greeting your colleague. Say if your colleague did not greet you, you too did not greet him, then for all the time in that day, a thought will haunt you, saying why he not greeted you. Is something wrong with me or with him? Is he okay or not interested in me? And so many other question will come to your mind.  

 So to end all such question, if you have initiated, then no question have bothered you. Right! Being at unconditional, you will reduce your stress level, tension and keep your mind and body healthy. I will end this post with a thought

 “The greatest gift that you can give to others is then gift of unconditional love and acceptance.”

 ~Brain Tracy

Life at a glance

If you give a glance at your life, beginning from your birth to an adult, you will notice a great rhythm, the pattern in your life cycle. Depending upon your perception, it may be mesmerizing, exciting or sad or may have some weird moment that keep you haunting or become a nightmare for you. But if you will look the life of some other person who you believe as a role model for you and you will notice that his life was full of joy, excitement and you have never thought of the dark side of his life.

Now, let’s us think about the same situation by changing our thought process and again look back and observe your past life, you will notice that enough opportunities had come along the path in your life. And of course, if you had picked them correctly then you will be at a great position and height in present and believe me you will be the role model for several other people of your generation.

Really wonderful right! I am going to validate this by giving you a glance at a moment of my life. It was my early life when I went to give an entrance exam. I have been asked to write an essay on father. The funny thing happened was I spelt father as mother everywhere and the exam got over and the invigilator collected the answer books of every student. Now the time for correction of the answer books. The answer books were corrected and hopefully, they selected me. The teacher who checked my answer book told my father that he (I) spelt father as a mother. Then I spoke in the middle saying that it is correct, I knew it. The teacher said he is not eligible for the second class and can continue in first class. My father requested the teacher to admit me for second class. The teacher said that they need principal approval and we have to go to meet the principal. We along with the teacher went to the principal office. Now imagine what happened next. The same words were repeated by the principal that I can be admitted to the first class not second. My father requested them and promised them that he will work with me so that I can cope up in second class. As a token of sympathy, they admitted me in second class. Now see what happened next. I along with my father worked very hard and got the first rank in class (Amazing right). The principal himself came and awarded me the medal for securing first rank in the class.

Why I did tell my story to you because when I look back, I see the determination and dedication of both (me & my father) toward achieving the common goal. If my father has not given a try admitting me in second class, I was one year back & interestingly, the result was surprising.

This story will motivate you to make choice and to take steps which you are unsure of because sometimes you do not know your hidden potential and the outcome of your decisions. But after taking such decision and the results you got, you will feel proud of decision and moment. I will end this post with a beautiful thought.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

~Jack Ma

Thank you nature!

Thank is a big word if said truly and deeply from the heart or it makes no sense if said verbally. Saying thanks to our incredible, beautiful and amazing nature is really one of the ubiquitous things that we do not follow in our real life. Nature has given everything you wanted in past and present and will give you everything in future but you never ever find time to thank this nature. The act of gratitude toward nature will help to develop a feeling of love toward nature and will help you to better understand the beauty and incredibility of this wonderful nature.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

~Albert Einstein

Look deeper and deeper and you will notice what this nature has given you and you never ever had time to thank nature. You are born in this world as a creation of nature. You have grown up, again, with the incredible multiplication of cells and tissues and later with organs, nature had fed you in your past. But you never have a feeling of gratitude to nature. I know what you are filled with a hidden element. That is somewhere known as ego, arrogance that you thought that you originated in this word by their own and no other external force had acted on you. My dear friend, think about it again deeply, and I believe you will come to know the truth. This can be possible only if you keep your ego, arrogance and so-called your intelligence aside. I urge you to give a think deeply what I said above. Again, I am saying that just, believe me, it will reap you fruitful results in your present and as well as in your future.