About us

Beatovita is made online with an intention that you will gain bliss in life once you understand the meaning of blissfulness in your life. We at Beatovita started this with a thought to provide a meaningful life to each individual by searching all the possibilities that will help an individual to nurture his life in a healthy and sustainable way in the environment. We are intended for doing this because we wanted people to live happily so that they can reach their extreme hidden potential/caliber and will excel in their life and work whatever they do.

Your body and brain are so incredible that what you feed them, they understand that as true and make it as rule of thumb and keep on repeating the same thing which was fed by you. So please keep track of what you food you feed to your body and what thoughts and perceptions you feed to your mind. You keep on loading the same thought as software to your memory then it will become a hard-core memory. Please make a note of paragraph written below:

“You own the brain, not the brain own you. It is very important for you to control your brain or let your brain to control you. The latter situation will deteriorate you and become an obstacle in your path to achieving excellence in your life. This makes your life tough and miserable.”

Beatovita decided to provide you with the ways and tips to keep track of your food and thoughts so that you will be happy and prosperous. Beatovita will also let you enjoy each and every moment of life and help you create good memories that will cherish you in future. This can be done by providing daily posts that will trigger you to think about your current situation and bring the best out of you.

The goal of Beatovita is to add values to human life by constant endeavour by reaching the maximum number of population and collecting different opinions and understanding of the critical situation of life. Beatovita is striving hard to provide the understanding of their brain activity and give them an opportunity to control their mind.