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Beatovita means a blissful life. It is an Italian combinatorial word derived from two words Beato means blissful and vita means life. Bliss is a wonderful word as to when it is whispered in your ears you will feel a sense of happiness and peace in your mind and body. Blissfulness in life can be regarded as the most elevated and escalated state of mind and body where your both will feel relaxed, energetic, enthusiastic as well as it will allow you to think differently and efficiently. At the same time, you will feel compassion and have empathy for others. Blissfulness in life will help you to better understand your surrounding and the world.

This page will tell you about what is bliss, the meaning of bliss and the importance of blissfulness in your life. Once you understand what is bliss, its true meaning and importance in life, you will try to achieve in your life as soon as possible. You will try to make all possible efforts to achieve it. This is the beauty of blissfulness in life.

Blissful is assumed to be a pinnacle to be achieved in each and everyone lives. The wonderful quote from Dejan explains about bliss:

“Be aware of the high notes, of the blissful faces and their soft messages and listen for the silent messages of a high decorated gift”

~Dejan Stojanovic

Or we can say that blissfulness is the highest state of joy where you will find a piece of opportunity from the the worst available situations.

Once you understand everything clearly, then you will be eager to achieve bliss in your life. Achieving Bliss in life is pretty simple. You have to follow some rule of thumb and yes, you will achieve it.

Let us explain this with the help of an example. Try to put yourself on a ride of the roller coaster that will make you uncomfortable for a while. Once you come up from the fear of zig-zag motion and highs and low during the ride you will see the beautiful world around you and will realize the fun and enjoyment associated with the roller coaster.

Polish yourself by bringing yourself out from your comfort zone. Definitely, that will add a lot of pain in your life whose intensity will decrease with time and a state will come when you will enjoy each and every moment of your life. You will notice a great difference in your life in the course of life over the period of years.

This will make you strong and fearless and you will become brave and try to attract such people who get fear from such rides/situations. This will help you built stronger and stronger with time and you will help other people to achieve bliss in their life, in the way you started achieving it. Now, you realize that you have started adding values to your life and the life of other people. Pretty interesting right!

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.”

~Napoleon Hill

Sometimes, you will feel that you are walking alone in your life, that is, really okay, don’t pull yourself back. Take my words, just believe in you and continue to walk in the same direction as you were walking before. This is because you are the one and the only person who know better about you and your vision and definitely you will feel the joy associated with your journey in time.

Let’s take another example. A person was curious and excited for paragliding from the mountain. At the same time, he was fearful to jump such great height. Though it seems to be very dangerous but is the most adventurous recreational activity. So, he decided to do paragliding. Initially, he was scared but overcome the fear after a few moments of jumping. Paragliding looks very amazing, if you go for it rather it seems most dangerous to those who never opted for it. I know, you will go crazy for some time but later enjoy it to the great extend. Believe me!

The last but not least, blissful is assumed to be the key components of each individual in their life and will lead to fruitful results when inculcated early in their life. It is not rocket science or sky scrapper. Try it go for it and see the difference.